ADMS is a Strength and Conditioning team designated to manage athlete data through one system for teams and organizations. ADMS exists to help organizations improve the performance of their athletes and provide data that helps the medical, training, and coaching staffs also perform more effectively.

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      What Is ADMS?

      Athlete Data Management Systems (ADMS) is a team of sports and neuromuscular specialists whose goal is to increase the efficacy and organization of coaching services by utilizing human performance software. With this, multiple athletes and/or teams will be managed under one database; not only does this eliminate the disorganization and stress associated with managing a large volume of athletes, it also makes it possible for the ADMS coaches to handle the responsibility of training a large number of individuals. Furthermore, CM+ consists of elite features, and a plethora of tools, that allow ADMS coaches to maximize an athlete’s potential, all while minimizing the time demand required to do so; as this time demand decreases, so does the cost of training athletes.

      ADMS Coaches

      ADMS coaches are highly qualified to identify/correct any weaknesses or concerns, make specified modifications to a program, and overall, help guide athletes and/or teams to achieve their goals. As of now, the ADMS team includes Certified Strength Training Specialists, Collegiate Strength And Conditioning Coaches(CSCS), Doctor of Physical Therapy Students (soon to be a licensed DPT), and a licensed Doctor of Chiropractor. With a unique and highly specialized set of knowledge on human anatomy, physiology, and athlete progression in all areas of conditioning – including strength, endurance, and functional training – this team is superior to the average sports coach one might consider hiring to train their athletes.

      Data Analysis Suite Reporting

      Customized for each organization. Use reporting features to visualize athlete training and organize data points according to client needs. Create a clear summary of athletic training, rehabilitation, and recovery trends.





      Injury Prevention Reporting





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