Sam Schepps – w/ Photo

stars“Sean was my very first powerlifting coach and remained my coach for three consecutive years. During that time, he helped me get two state records and a world record in the bench press (178 lb at 123 lb body weight). Additionally, he helped me reach over a two times bodyweight squat (265 lb) and a 345 lb deadlift. He is one of the smartest people I know, all of his programming is based off research, and he understands and focuses on minutiae details related to exercise form. Not only is he incredibly smart and educated, but he is an overall caring and generous person. While he did wonders for my physical strength and appearance, he also focused on my mental health and functioning. He instills the importance of overall health, both mentally and physically, and is there for his athletes in times of need. I highly recommend him for powerlifting coaching, general fitness coaching, or if you just need a reliable friend!”

-Sam S.