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We don’t just invest in you, we invested in a community that supports your growth. Nearly a 3rd of Pinellas Barbells MEMBERS are personal trainers at other gyms/online and because of the quality coaching and like mindedness they decided to train here. These trainers combine over 14 different certifications, degrees, and licenses. Another third are athletes including international elite lifters, State, National, and World Record holders. The final third is where you, the client comes in. We will make sure to assess your needs with precision and through the support of the community personally train you better than any one coach ever could. We also have an inhouse therapy room utilized by a staff of Doctors to make sure you are moving well and optimizing your recovery to get you under the bar and feeling good.


  • NICK IRVINE Coach At Sports Rehabilitation Gym In Pinellas Park
    Owner, Trainer & Coaching Program Coordinator
  • SEAN DANNER Coach At Personal Training Gym In St. Peterburg , FL
    Owner, Powerlifting & Weightlifting Coach & Program Director
  • ZACH ASHEY Coach At Strength Training Gym In Largo, Florida
    Programming Coach
  • NICO CHIODO Online Coaching At Gym In Clearwater
    Organization Program Director and Programming Coach

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