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The foundation of every program is progression of weight moved over time. In our system we track foundational session tonnage, accumulated tonnage, session intensity, weekly intensity, micro and macro tonnage and intensity. This objective metric system allows us to see weekly changes as well as compare subjective athlete feedback to objective measures to create the best plan of option. With our newly developed app these measures are real time, and funneled to our team of coaches for direct and actionable feedback.

– Training Philosophy – Nobody Cares Work Harder

– Every training block is curtailed and structured to an athlete’s individual needs, but the expectation is that each training block will work based on the work put into it. This program is designed for a consistent rate of progress based on the outlined goals from the athlete’s assessment. This is to say the athlete’s responsibility to take ownership of their progress outside the gym, consistent sleep, diet, hydration and management of stress. There will always be modifications needed, as even with all precautions taken for a perfect program, we cannot predict every facet of an athlete’s life and modifications will be made. It is the expectation though that modifications are the exception, not the rule.

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